Here at Ocean Gem, we are very passionate about the environment and the future of our planet so we ensure to make conscious decisions when it comes to the manufacturing and production of our swimwear.



Our new collection is made using an advanced recycled Carvico techno-fabric made in Italy using the below fibres:

78% Recycled Nylon – Consisting of ECONYL® - a 100% regenerated nylon fibre made from pre and post consumer waste such as fishnets and other end of life nylon materials.

22% Xtra Life LYCRA® - This high quality fibre resists fabric breakdown more than 5 times longer than your average chlorine-resistant spandex and has no significant fibre breakage even after 240 hours of exposure.



All of our bikinis are made in Australia by Gemma (owner) or by other talented seamstresses. We take pride in having them made in Australia and to give women the opportunity to express their creativity through sewing.

As we produce our swimwear in very small batches or make to order, each piece is carefully cut from the fabric to ensure there are minimal scraps. Any cut offs are then used for smaller things such as straps. This also means that we are not left with a large number of stock that needs to be discarded. We will continue to create investment swimwear that is timeless to ensure that you are able to wear the pieces for endless summers.



Your bikinis are packaged in a customised Ocean Gem box that can be re-used to store your bikini or even things such as makeup!

We also use biodegradable shipping mailers made from mainly corn starch and cassava roots. Once you have received your order you can compost the bag from home by cutting them up and placing in your compost bin (as “brown” materials). These will completely break down within 90 days in a compostable environment. Find out more about these bags HERE.


Although we still have a few changes we would like to make we are currently doing the best we can to be a sustainable clothing label. We will continue to further our knowledge and decisions when it comes to making Ocean Gem as environmentally friendly as possible.